Summer here kids

  A compilation for the First European Midsummernight's Burn, april 2002, by manur

 Summer here kids
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The title of this compilation is a tribute to the band Grandaddy.
Summer Here Kids (track 4) is one of their best songs, and they released two must-have albums in recent years.
The front cover was (loosely) inspired by the Summer Here Kids U.K. single (go have a look), and the back cover tries (even looselier) to be in the same vein.


001 / Cornershop - Funky days are back again
002 / Zita Swoon - Hot hotter hottest
003 / Clem Snide - Moment in the sun
004 / Grandaddy - Summer here kids
005 / Luscious Jackson - Summer daze
006 / Bebel Gilberto - August day song
007 / Emiliana Torrini - Unemployed in summertime
008 / Pixies - The holiday song
009 / dEUS - Disappointed in the sun
010 / Ben Lee - I am a sunflower
011 / Exsonvaldes - August
012 / Weezer - Island in the sun
013 / Cibo Matto - Working for vacation
014 / Kings of convenience - Summer on the westhill
015 / Joseph Arthur - In the sun
016 / Basement Jaxx - Where's your head at
017 / Mad Professor vs. Massive Attack - Cool Monsoon


Download the covers (right-click and save as...).

front cover    back cover


This compilation was made in Paris, France, during march and april 2002.
Basically, the fact that this compilation must be « summer-themed » was quite a challenge to me. Scanning my record collection for potential tracks left me half desperate : the music I like is not usually summer-themed. Those who have ever listened to Radiohead know what I mean.
Anyway I eventually found two dozens songs about holidays, the sun, the summer and this kind of stuff. And, surprisingly enough, I really like the final selection ; I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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